An extraordinary vision

Juan Antonio Hernández Venegas’ vision motivates him to create Autofinanciamiento de Automóviles S.A de C.V., company designed to commercialize new cars through loaning system.

Grupo Elegantes becomes part of our Group

As for today, our first automotive family now has three dealerships and two branches. It has always been a proud representative of the five brands of its portfolio.

Grupo Cresta was born

What started as one dealership, now is a network of eight Volkswagen certified and several-times awarded dealerships.

Grupo Excelencia is created

Nowadays, Grupo Excelencia operates three dealerships and two branches with the most outstanding quality standards.






Toros Neza Football Club

Our Group acquires Toros Neza football team.

Loaning plans diversification

After “Mi Casa” plan was launched, the company’s business name changes to Autofinanciamiento México, S.A de C.V.

Nissan vehicles distribution begins

Becoming a retailer of Nissan vehicles was a watershed in our Group’s history. Today, we have eight branches of the brand in the Mexican market.

Zacatepec Football Club

Our Group quick dipped for the second time into football world by acquiring Zacatepec football team.

Energy for México

We participate in the Mexican energy industry by operating two petrol stations in Mexico City and Estado de México.

Ford, the youngest member of our family

Our Group opens two Ford dealerships under the name Dinastía. It complements with one Lincoln dealership meant to enrich our luxury vehicles portfolio.





Real estate intelligence

Autofin Bienes Raíces, our real estate company starts operations. It helps customers to buy, rent or sell their desired properties.

Grupo Furia is created

Spanish automaker SEAT concedes us the permission to operate three dealerships.

Our new home

Our Group inhabits its emblematic facilities located in Ave. Insurgentes Sur 1235.

Grupo Samurai starts operations

Mitsubishi Motors vehicles, characterized for their excellence start being distributed by our Group.

Pure leasing

Arrendomóvil is created as one of the most important fleet administrators and leasers nationwide.




Grupo Ingenio starts operations with one dealership in a northern borough of the city.

Vuelta de las Américas

Grupo Autofin México proudly sponsored Vuelta de las Américas (America’s cycling tour). An international event divided in 21 stages, developed in the most important Mexican cities, becoming a historically achievement in our country’s cycling history.

A first class contact center

Our Group starts the commercialization of Volkswagen trucks and buses with great success.

Líder Camión

Nuestro Grupo inicia la distribución de camiones y autobuses Volkswagen con gran éxito.

Gallos Blancos de Querétaro Football Club

Formerly known as Zacatepec, our football team moves to Querétaro and changes its name to Gallos Blancos (White roosters).




Zoom – Zoom has arrived, and it will stay for good

Our five Mazda dealerships hold first positions in sales rankings.

Audi representation

Actually, our Group operates two Audi car dealerships.

Entrance to Mexican banking sector

The economic boldness achieved by our Group allowed us to create a bank, Banco Autofin México.

Autoexplora Drivestyle

We created the most novel automotive specialized multimedia platform, grouping a magazine, a radio program, a TV show and a website to provide our Customers with relevant information according to their lifestyle.

Businessman of the year

Our leader, Juan Antonio Hernández Venegas is awarded as the Businessman of the year in service industry by the Mexican organization CONCANACO.


Spectacular auditorium

Forum Mundo Imperial starts operations, being a milestone in Acapulco’s entertainment life.

Crossing frontiers

Autofinanciamiento México opens its first branch in the USA.

Lincoln distribution agreement

Our Group starts a retailing partnership with this premium brand in our country by opening one dealership.

Grupo Lux establishment

In the state of Veracruz, our Group opens two dealerships of the French car manufacturer Renault.




Innovative funerary concept

Memorial Premium becomes a milestone in the Mexican funerary business by providing the highest quality service along with a contemporary architecture.

Incursion in manufacturing

In the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo, our factory Fábrica Hidalguense de Autobuses King was inaugurated.

Convention and Exposition Center

Former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, opened our convention center Expo Mundo Imperial.

Safety, our priority

Über Blindajes, our armoring company starts operations. It offers up to 7th level armored vehicles.

Jaguar, Land Rover and Infiniti

Three premium brands with outstanding dealerships join our Group’s portfolio.



Unbeatable motorbikes

Bajaj Motorbikes arrives to our country in a joint distribution agreement with our Group.

Positioning Mundo Imperial

In order to publicize Mundo Imperial, our complex hosted the first touristic fair Mega Feria Imperial Acapulco.

Automotive Direction Internationalization

Our Automotive Direction breaks boundaries by opening three Nissan and one KIA dealerships in California, USA.

Our Group welcomes Grupo Herencia

Korean brand Hyundai makes an alliance with us to open one car dealership in Mexico City.

Acapulco’s best Resort

Opened by president Enrique Peña Nieto, Resort Mundo Imperial has 814 luxury rooms with the most exclusive amenities in the city.


Touristic establishment

Mundo Imperial integrates to its portfolio two legendary hotels: Pierre and Princess, shaping the most impressive touristic complex in Acapulco Diamante.

Classy and shiny

BMW, Mini and Motorrad distinguish us by conceding the license to sell their products in our two dealerships in Cuernavaca and Acapulco.

100% electric motorbikes

We started commercializing AIMA electric motorbikes, renewing our commitment to protect the environment whilst providing innovative mobility to our country.

Tributo (Tribute)

A space created to honor, recognize and remember all those people who have made something outstanding for Mexico.

KIA is here for good

Our group started distributing KIA’s brand vehicles.



ERA Familiar Princess 2016

In an event composed of five extraordinary summer programs in our Mundo Imperial complex, we gathered politicians, sportspersons and showbiz celebrities.


The first flight in XTASEA, the longest zip line over the sea, occurs. Since its opening more than 8,664 flights have taken place.

Motus Invertere

A novel manner to acquire Bajaj Motorbikes through loans is created.

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